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07.24.05 (11:18 pm)   [edit]
I have for the past couple of weeks, been what I'd like to think is an active member(Jogego) of a Nigerian forum called Nairaland.Well, what can I say? I have a lot of fun there but a few weeks back I had an altercation with the forum admin. This was because I had a contrary view to him and actually provided evidence to show he was wrong.

Anyways that was settled, and I resolved just to continue having my fun there and not to let anybody hinder that. Because of this, I hardly ever reply to his PMs and sometimes when he buzzes me on yahoo messenger, I ignore it.

Yesterday afternoon, he buzzed me on yahoo messenger for some advice and I was trying to answer him when I had a call, the next thing I knew, he was raining abuses on me. WTF? The text of our short conversation is below:

[07/24/05-13:47] seunosewa: you post messages and all the people on the list recieve them
[07/24/05-13:47] seunosewa: the thing about adult topics is that ...
[07/24/05-13:47] seunosewa: ... you know I use adsense, right? well adsense doesn't like adult topics.
[07/24/05-13:55] oluwadelereee: and am sure u know
[07/24/05-13:56] oluwadelereee: its the adult topics that really generate interests?
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: hmmm
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: so wanna join?
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: hey
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: we're supposed to be chatting
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: and you refuse to respond
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: what's the meaning of this?
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: I don't have time any more than you do.
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: If you are busy, just say so
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: X-(
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: is that your apology?
[07/24/05-13:56] seunosewa: People behave very sillily on yahoo messenger.
[07/24/05-13:57] seunosewa: I mean, this is rubbish.
[07/24/05-13:57] seunosewa: if you're busy, you say so.
[07/24/05-13:57] seunosewa: and I say "bye"
[07/24/05-13:57] oluwadelereee: abeg if you dont need to insult
[07/24/05-13:57] oluwadelereee: me
[07/24/05-13:57] seunosewa: or you logout.
[07/24/05-13:57] oluwadelereee: or am I hear cos of you
[07/24/05-13:57] seunosewa: If you feel you're elderly
[07/24/05-13:57] seunosewa: then behave maturely

Well I did the mature thing and refuse to rise to his baits.

I wonder how a young man of 22 can be so full of himself? I am however, not going to stop posting on Nairaland. I understand he has had altercations with a lot of other members.

Good luck to him.

01.18.05 (8:55 am)   [edit]
Well, I have not posted any blogs in the past few days. Blame that on my thesis. I just found out that I had a misconception on the deadline date. Its actually about beginning of March. I thot it was March ending DUH.....anyway meens i have to finish my thesis by the second week in February at most.

Wish me luck, cos I sure do need it.

Seems Arsenal are hell bent on throwing away the title. Oh my word. 10 point gap. I have some friends who are Chelsea supporters, I have been voiding then for some time now. Common guys, wipe the stupid grins off their faces....

Welcome 2005
01.01.05 (12:38 pm)   [edit]
Welcome 2005. Being able to see this year is not by my own ability, it is by grace. I go forward into this year reaching,attaining and surpassing targets and goals in 205 not because I am special, but because of the abounding grace. His grace shall be more than suffiecient for me. And I shall trodd on all agents of the enemy underfoot. No plans of the enemy will come true for me. Any intentions of the enemy shall be turned into multiple blessings, open heavens and abundant grace for me and mine.

Bye bye 2004
12.31.04 (7:14 am)   [edit]
Last working day of the year. Work was not too cool today. I had some chinese take away last night and I spent the whole day trying to get my stomach to cool down. I left work and went to get a phone card so I can call my folks tomorrow, its so expensive calling GSM phones. £3.5 for a 20 minute call is a bit on the high side but how man for do? If I decide to get one of the private telecom lines for them, with NEPA and thier perrenial electricity blackouts, what is the guarantee the phone would even work?

After buying the phone card I went into Boots to buy something. I felt it was too expensive and decided to go thru Tesco on my way home. Big mistake. The queues in Tesco were something else. I had to abandon the idea of any shopping cos I couldnt imagine standing on a Q for minimum of 2 hour before getting served.

I tried to install Ubuntu on my laptop this week and got a shock. I had tried the Live Cd and it was superb. My screen resolution was 1024 X 768 and that is what I normally use. However when I did the hard installation, lo and behold the screen resolution was horrible. I tried changing it but I had only a choice of 800 X 600 ( i think) anyway, just made me appreciate my faithful Mepis more and am back to using mepis now.

Am going to spend the last few minutes of this year with my family. Thanking God for his mercies in 2004 and also thanking him for those he has already done in 2005.

I wish you all have a blessed and wonderful new year.

Looking forward to 2005
12.30.04 (11:52 am)   [edit]
I cant believe that another year has run to an end. WHAO!!!!One cant but give thanks to Baba God for his mercies and blessings in the fast ending year. I know there shall be more blessings in 2005.

I woke this morning and had an over powering urge to send a mail to everybody in my yahoo address book. That of course included some folks I hadnt communicated with in years. Dont ask me why I did it but it felt good doing it. Share a little of your happiness and maybe the world would be a better place.

I had been hearing the word TSUNAMI but never knew what it meant. Well now I know,if feels so terrible that so many people had to die on a day of celebration. Body count fast approaching 100,000. Isint it ironic when disasters of this scale( not that the world has ever witnessed aything on this scale)happen, it is the less privileged countries that it affects? There is an appeal fund going on in the UK. Pity when u consider that if only every shopper in the UK over the Xmas period had donated a pittance out of their shopping funds there would be no need for an appeal fund.

VIIIIIIEEERRRAAAAAAAAAAA ohhhhh ohhhhhhooooooo. For those who are not in the know, that is the sound that goes up in the terraces in Highbury when Viera is weaving his magic on the field. Well, he sure weaved it against Newcastle. So what if the shot deflected off Jermaine Jenas, all great sides in history always have a stroke of luck and boy do ARSENAL need the luck now. We can do much other than continue winning games and sooner or later, the pressure will get to chelsea and then we POUNCEEEEEE. The premiership is coming back to highbury. Come May or is it June, we shall be parading the trophies in the streets of North London NOT west london

emm!!!cant make up any heading
12.28.04 (10:23 am)   [edit]
Seems i have been jamming a lot of old faces in the past two weeks. First I walked into an old neighbour and friend who I hadnt seen since he left Naija for UK about 18 or more years ago. He just stopped in front of me and I was looking lost then he said his name. Waoh,for him to have even recognised me. Was nice catching up on all the years. Then that same say, I came accross a girl who we had been in Form 3 together in secondary school in Lagos. I called her, 'Yemi' and she was looking at me, wondering, then I told her where I knew her from and she recognised me. She had been very quiet in school back then, we were not really in the same circle, but my best friend then,Wole, lived accross the road from her. Speaking of Wole, he is in London but since I came in last year, we have never met. I used to call him but when I noticed he warrnt returning my calls, I stopped calling.

What is it with Naija guys? They seem to think any body that just comes into the country will be begging from them. Thank God cos he has really been faithful and been providing for us at each and every step of the way.

Then today, I met two of my neighbours from Lagos. Tayo and me had been thru a lot of good times together back in the days. Clubbing, girling, you name it we all did it together. he is my childhood friend's cousin and that was how we met.I dont think it would be wise getting into the antics we got up to back then seeing as this blog is supposed to have a family safe rating. We have just been talking on the phone for the past year or so but he decided to come and visit when his gf was in town. She also grew up in the same area and still looked as good as I remember.

It was really good seeing them. There is just something about seeing faces from back in the day. At times, I wonder what has happened to so many friends I made back in secondary school then. I guess everybody is more or less making things move one way or the other.

Post Xmas
12.27.04 (5:52 am)   [edit]
Its been an eventful week. I havent posted anything for some time cos i have been so busy. The run up to xmas was just wild. I guess xmas shopping is the same anywhere in the world, but the frenzy in London is something else. In between shooping for xmas presents and working, I had to find out time to meet a friend of mine who ws around for xmas. We arranged to meet in North Greenwich so I went to meet him there after work. Nothing like seeing a face from home. Quite a pity u never get any good nws from home though.

On the computing front, my mepis laptop has been wonderful though I still havent gotten it to recognise my sound card. Considering the fact that even when I had Windows server 2003 installed, my sound wasnt working, I think its a small sacrifice for having a pretty stable computer to use everyday. I decided to try running alsaconf again just to see if the sound card would work with any of the alsa sound drivers.Alsa for those who dont know stand for Advanced Linux Sound ArchitectureALSA

Anyhow, while trying to get my soundcard working, a bug I had experienced before resurfaced. It seems alsa doesnt like being with my Ndiswrapper enabled wireless card, and so anytime I try alsa, the ndiswrapper module for my 802.11b card refuses to load.As such, I have to modprobe ndiswrapper after I boot up. This is not too much to do but I just like tieing up all loose ends and since I couldnt figure out what was wrong, I reinstalled. I inserted my Live Mepis CD about 12midnight and before 1 am I had a working, freshly installed laptop. Try doing that with any windows OS. Since mepis comes with Ndiswrapper, I had my wireless card up and running in no time. The first thing I did was

apt-get update-------this updates the installation from the debian sources

then I did

apt-get install synaptic ------- synaptic is the debian package manager much like add/remove programs applet in windows. Major difference being, i searches and installs programs from the internet for you. I installed Thunderbird, my preferred mail client and then Gaim, my messaging client. I seem to be using Opera, much more than Firefox nowadays basically cos Opera will start from where I left off browsing when I shut down.

I was never able to get my packard bell scanner to work so I went on Ebay and got an HP scanjet 4200C for less than a £. I have gotten it to work with win 2000 and would try it on mepis over the new year weekend.

Blissful Sunday
12.12.04 (10:33 am)   [edit]
I didnt go to sleep till about 2 am watching TV and surfing, talk about multi tasking.HE!HE!!HE!!!.

Sunday service was inspiring.After church,I talked to my friend who is in the UK for christmas. Was good hearing her voice.Sadlly it seems we never get any good news from 9ja. She was telling me about some of her friends who lost their jobs. The N25bn recapitalisation of the banking sector will really to my mind,cause much more problems that it will solve. I will put down my thoughts on this in the near future.

Went shopping for a few stuff after and came back home to chat with a couple of friends in 9jeria. Gaim sure rocks. It integrates both my MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger into one messaging client. It also has a windows version so feel free to try it out. The only thing I miss is not being able to stream music through Yahoo Launch. Oh well, you cant have it all your way can you?

Spent the afternoon moaning and groaning hoping the Gunners wouldnt drop any point against Romanski's Chelski. Final scores 2-2. So we are three on the table now, still a long way to go and by the time Viera, Edu,Gilberto Silva are all back, the premiership would be back in Highbury.

Despite the well meaning efforts of the guys on Mepis Forums, I still couldnt get my scanner to work. Seems I just have to get back to Ebay and get another scanner. This time though, I have to make sure I check out the Linux Compatibility List.

Speaking of Ebay, I think am becoming an Ebay junkie. There is nothing like watching the last few minutes of an auction. The way the price increases in the last five minutes is something else and the high I get from jumping in and bidding to win in the last 20 or 30 seconds of an auction is something else. I couldnt do that without broadband(ADSL) though. Someday soon, I will post a few of the crazy stuff I have come accross on Ebay.

First Blog
12.11.04 (12:10 pm)   [edit]
Well,welcome to my page. A little about me, am a Nigerian, born and bred in Lagos but for the past year, I have been residing in the UK. I miss Lagos- the hustle and bustle but then the energy in London is something else. Everyone seems to be in such a hurry and you just get to go with the flow.It was frightfully cold when I went out this morning. Mornings like this I miss Lagos. I had a t-shirt, shirt,sweater and a fleece jacket on and yet I was shivering...well, them no force me come jandon sha.

Well to business, spent the day surfing and generally trying to get my scanner working under Mepis. For those who dont know, Mepis is a linux distro and to me has to be the easiest OS I have ever installed. All you need to do is run the live CD on your computer, if mepis detects all your hardware, then you can do a hard install. I was up and running in less than 40 minutes if memory serves me.

I got some disks in the mail today. From Ubuntu. I had ordered them from the website over a month ago.Speedy delivery but not Royal mail's fault. I ran the live Cd but unfortunately, I couldnt get my wireless card to work. I never thought about defecting from mepis though, but good to see what other linux users are getting up to.